Plan of Correction Packets

Plan of Correction packets for the top 40, plus more, written deficiencies in the nation.

*Plan of Corrections Instructional Guide
F-550 Respect and Dignity §483.10(a)(1)
F-558 Accommodation of Needs §483.10(e)(3)
F-561 Self-Determination §483.10(f)(1)
F-567 Management of Personal Funds §483.10(f)(10)(i)(ii)
F-568 Management of Personal Funds §483.10(f)(10)(iii)
F-574 Required Notices and Contact Information §483.10(g)(4)(i)

Privacy in Receipt of Resident Emails §483.10(g)(9)


Resident Rights / Advance Directives §483.10(c)(6)(8)(g)(12)

F-580 Notification of Changes §483.10(g)(14)

Medicaid/Medicare Coverage/Liability Notice §483.10(g)(17)(18)(i)-(v)

F-583 Privacy and Confidentiality §483.10(h)
F-584 Safe, Clean, Comfortable, Homelike Environment §483.10(i)(1)(2)
F-585 Resident Rights §483.10(j)(2)
F-604 Freedom from Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation §483.12(a)(2)
F-607 Resident Behavior and Facility Practices §483.12(b)
F-609 Abuse Reporting Requirements §483.12(c)(1)(4)
F-610 Investigate / Prevent / Correct Alleged Violation §483.12(c)(2)-(4)

Notice Requirements Before Transfer/Discharge §483.15(c)(3)(4)

F-625 Notice of Bed Hold Policy and Return §483.15(d)
F-636 Resident Assessments §483.20
F-641 Accuracy of Assessment §483.20(g)
F-655 Baseline Care Plan §483.21(a)(1)-(3)
F-656 Comprehensive Care Plans §483.21(b)
F-657 Comprehensive Care Plans §483.21(b)(2)

Professional Standards of Quality §483.21(b)(3)(i)

F-659 Qualifications of Facility Staff/Comprehensive Care Plans §483.21(b)(3)(ii)
F-661 Post-Discharge Plan of Care §483.21(c)(2)
F-677 Unable to Carry Out ADLs §483.24(a)(2)
F-679 Activities Program §483.24(c)
F-684 Quality of Care §483.25
F-686 Skin Integrity: Pressure Ulcers §483.25(b)(1)
F-688 Range of Motion / Mobility §483.25(c)(2)(3)
F-689 Accidents and Supervision §483.25(d)(1)(2)
F-690 Incontinence §483.25(e)(2)
F-692 Nutrition and Hydration §483.25(g)
F-693 Assisted Nutrition and Dehydration §483.25(g)(3)
F-695 Respiratory Care §483.25(i)
F-697 Quality of Care §483.25(k)

Dialysis §483.25(l)

F-730 Nurse Aide In-Service Education §483.35(d)(7)
F-732 Nurse Staffing Information §483.35(g)
F-745 Medically-Related Social Services §483.40(d)
F-755 Pharmacy Services §483.45(a)
F-756 Drug Regimen Review §483.45(c)(1)(4)
F-757 Unnecessary Drugs §483.45(d)
F-758 Free from Unnecessary Psychotropic Meds / PRN Use §483.45(c)(3)(e)(1)-(5)
F-759 and F-760 Medication Errors §483.45(f)(1()(2)
F-761 Storage of Drugs and Biologicals §483.45(h)
F-773 Prompt Notification of Laboratory Results §483.50(a)(2)(ii)
F-803 Menus and Nutritional Adequacy §483.60(c)
F-804 Food and Drink §483.60(d)
F-809 Frequency of Meals §483.60(f)(2)
F-812 Food Safety Requirements §483.60(i)
F-842 Medical Records §483.70(i)
F-867 Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement §483.75(d)(1)(2)
F-880 Infection Control §483.80
F-883 Influenza and Pneumococcal Immunizations §483.80(d)
F-908 Essential Equipment, Safe Operating Condition §483.90(d)(2)
F-921 Safe, Functional, Sanitary, Comfortable Environment §483.90(i)

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