Appendix PP (F-Tags)

Regulations and comprehensive compliance guidelines for F-Tags as contained in Appendix PP of the SOM

*Regulatory Grouping Chart and Crosswalk

F-Tag Regulatory Grouping Chart and Crosswalk


§483.5 Definitions

F-550 §483.10(a)(1)(2)(b)(1)(2) Resident Rights/Exercise of Rights
F-551 §483.10(b)(3)-(7)(i)-(iii) Rights Exercised by Representatives
F-552 §483.10(c)(1)(4)(5) Right to be Informed/Make Treatment Decisions
F-553 §483.10(c)(2)(3) Right to Participate in Planning Care
F-554 §483.10(c)(7) Resident Self-Administration of Medications if Clinically Appropriate
F-555 §483.10(d)(1)-(5) Right to Choose/Be Informed of Attending Physician
F-557 §483.10(e)(2) Respect, Dignity/Right to Have Personal Property
F-558 §483.10(e)(3) Reasonable Accommodations of Needs/Preferences
F-559 §483.10(e)(4)-(6) Choose/Be Notified of Room/Roommate Change
F-560 §483.10(e)(7)(i)-(iii)(8) Right to Refuse Certain Transfers
F-561 §483.10(f)(1)-(3)(8) Self Determination
F-562 §483.10(f)(4)(i)(A)-(G) Immediate Access to Resident
F-563 §483.10(f)(4)(ii)-(v) Right to Receive/Deny Visitors

§483.10(f)(4)(vi)(A)-(D) Inform of Visitation Rights/Equal Visitation Privileges

F-565 §483.10(f)(5)(i)-(iv)(6)(7) Resident/Family Group and Response
F-566 §483.10(f)(9)(i)-(iv) Right to Perform Facility Services or Refuse
F-567 §483.10(f)(10)(i)(ii) Protection/Management of Personal Funds
F-568 §483.10(f)(10)(iii) Accounting and Records of Personal Funds
F-569 §483.10(f)(10)(iv)(v) Notice and Conveyance of Personal Funds
F-570 §483.10(f)(10)(vi) Surety Bond - Security of Personal Funds
F-571 §483.10(f)(11)(i)-(iii) Limitations on Charges to Personal Funds
F-572 §483.10(g)(1)(16) Notice of Rights and Rules
F-573 §483.10(g)(2)(i)(ii)(3) Right to Access/Purchase Copies of Records
F-574 §483.10(g)(4)(i)-(vi) Required Notices and Contact Information
F-575 §483.10(g)(5)(i)(ii) Required Postings
F-576 §483.10(g)(6)-(9) Right to Forms of Communication with Privacy
F-577 §483.10(g)(10)(11) Right to Survey Results/Advocate Agency Information
F-578 §483.10(c)(6)(8)(g)(12)(i)-(v) Request/Refuse/Discontinue Treatment; Formulate Advance Directives
F-579 §483.10(g)(13) Posting/Notice of Medicare/Medicaid on Admission

§483.10(g)(14)(i)-(iv)(15) Notify of Changes (Injury/Decline/Room,Etc.)


Reserved for Future Use

F-582 §483.10(g)(17)(18)(i)-(v) Medicaid/Medicare Coverage/Liability Notice
F-583 §483.10(h)(1)-(3)(i)(ii) Personal Privacy/Confidentiality of Records
F-584 §483.10(i)(1)-(7) Safe/Clean/Comfortable/Homelike Environment
F-585 §483.10(j)(1)-(4) Grievances
F-586 §483.10(k) Resident Contact with External Entities
F-600 §483.12(a)(1) Free from Abuse and Neglect
F-602 §483.12 Free from Misappropriation / Exploitation
F-603 §483.12(a)(1) Free from Involuntary Seclusion
F-604 §483.10(e)(1); §483.12(a)(2) Right to be Free from Physical Restraints
F-605 §483.10(e)(1); §483.12(a)(2) Right to be Free from Chemical Restraints
F-606 §483.12(a)(3)(4) Not Employ / Engage Staff with Adverse Actions
F-607 §483.12(b)(1)-(4) Develop / Implement Abuse / Neglect, etc. Policies
F-608 §483.12(b)(5)(i)-(iii) Reporting of Reasonable Suspicion of a Crime
F-609 §483.12(c)(1)(4) Reporting of Alleged Violations
F-610 §483.12(c)(2)-(4) Investigate / Prevent / Correct Alleged Violation
F-620 §483.15(a)(1)-(7) Admissions Policy
F-621 §483.15(b)(1)-(3)(c)(9) Equal Practices Regardless of Payment Source
F-622 §483.15(c)(1)(i)(ii)(2)(i)-(iii) Transfer and Discharge Requirements
F-623 §483.15(c)(3)-(6)(8) Notice Requirements Before Transfer / Discharge

§483.15(c)(7) Preparation for Safe / Orderly Transfer / Discharge

F-625 §483.15(d)(1)(2) Notice of Bed Hold Policy Before / Upon Transfer
F-626 §483.15(e)(1)(2) Permitting Residents to Return to Facility
F-635 §483.20(a) Admission Physician Orders for Immediate Care
F-636 §483.20(b)(1)(2)(i)(iii) Comprehensive Assessments and Timing
F-637 §483.20(b)(2)(ii) Comprehensive Assessment After Significant Change
F-638 §483.20(c) Quarterly Assessment At Least Every 3 Months
F-639 §483.20(d) Maintain 15 Months of Resident Assessments
F-640 §483.20(f)(1)-(4) Encoding / Transmitting Resident Assessments
F-641 §483.20(g) Accuracy of Assessments
F-642 §483.20(h)-(j) Coordination / Certification of Assessment
F-644 §483.20(e)(1)(2) Coordination of PASARR and Assessments
F-645 §483.20(k)(1)-(3) PASARR Screening for MD and ID
F-646 §483.20(k)(4) MD/ID Significant Change Notification
F-655 §483.21(a)(1)-(3) Baseline Care Plan
F-656 §483.21(b)(1) Develop / Implement Comprehensive Care Plan
F-657 §483.21(b)(2)(i)-(iii) Care Plan Timing and Revision
F-658 §483.21(b)(3)(i) Services Provided Meet Professional Standards
F-659 §483.21(b)(3)(ii)(iii) Qualified Persons
F-660 §483.21(c)(1)(i)-(ix) Discharge Planning Process

§483.21(c)(2)(i)-(iv) Discharge Summary

F-675 §483.24 Quality of Life
F-676 §483.24(a)(1)(b)(1)-(5)(i)-(iii) ADLs / Maintain Abilities
F-677 §483.24(a)(2) ADL Care Provided for Dependent Residents
F-678 §483.24(a)(3) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
F-679 §483.24(c)(1) Activities Meet Interests / Needs of Each Resident
F-680 §483.24(c)(2)(i)(ii)(A)-(D) Qualifications of Activity Professional
F-684 §483.25 Quality of Care
F-685 §483.25(a)(1)(2) Treatment and Devices to Maintain Hearing / Vision

§483.25(b)(1)(i)(ii) Treatment and Services to Prevent / Heal Pressure Ulcers

F-687 §483.25(b)(2)(i)(ii) Foot Care

§483.25(c)(1)-(3) Increase / Prevent Decrease in ROM / Mobility

F-689 §483.25(d)(1)(2) Free of Accident Hazards / Supervision / Devices
F-690 §483.25(e)(1)-(3) Bowel / Bladder Incontinence, Catheter, UTI
F-691 §483.25(f) Colostomy, Urostomy, or Ileostomy Care
F-692 §483.25(g)(1)-(3) Nutrition / Hydration Status Maintenance
F-693 §483.25(g)(4)(5) Tube Feeding Management / Restore Eating Skills
F-694 §483.25(h) Parenteral / IV Fluids
F-695 §483.25(i) Respiratory / Tracheostomy Care and Suctioning
F-696 §483.25(j) Prostheses
F-697 §483.25(k) Pain Management
F-698 §483.25(l) Dialysis
F-699 §483.25(m) Trauma Informed Care

§483.25(n)(1)-(4) Bed Rails

F-710 §483.30(a)(1)(2) Resident's Care Supervised by a Physician
F-711 §483.30(b)(1)-(3) Physician Visits-Review Care / Notes / Order
F-712 §483.30(c)(1)-(4) Physician Visits-Frequency / Timeliness / Alternate NPPs
F-713 §483.30(d) Physician for Emergency Care, Available 24 Hours
F-714 §483.30(e)(1)(4)(f) Physician Delegation of Tasks to NPP
F-715 §483.30(e)(2)(3) Physician Delegation to Dietitian / Therapist
F-725 §483.35(a)(1)(2) Sufficient Nursing Staff
F-726 §483.35(a)(3)(4)(c) Competent Nursing Staff
F-727 §483.35(b)(1)-(3) RN 8Hrs/7days/Wk, Full Time DON
F-728 §483.35(d)(1)-(3) Facility Hiring and Use of Nurse Aides
F-729 §483.35(d)(4)-(6) Nurse Aide Registry Verification, Retraining
F-730 §483.35(d)(7) Nurse Aide Perform Review - 12Hr / Year In-Service
F-731 §483.35(e)(1)-(7)(f)(1)(2) Waiver Licensed Nurses 24 Hr / Day and RN Coverage
F-732 §483.35(g)(1)-(4) Posted Nurse Staffing Information
F-740 §483.40 Behavioral Health Services
F-741 §483.40(a)(1)(2) Sufficient / Competent Staff-Behavioral Health Needs

§483.40(b)(1) Treatment and Services for Mental / Psychosocial Concerns

F-743 §483.40(b)(2) No Pattern of Behavioral Difficulties Unless Unavoidable
F-744 §483.40(b)(3) Treatment and Services for Dementia
F-745 §483.40(d) Provision of Medically Related Social Services
F-755 §483.45(a)(b)(1)-(3) Pharmacy Services / Procedures / Pharmacist / Records
F-756 §483.45(c)(1)(2)(4)(5) Drug Regimen Review, Report Irregular, Act On
F-757 §483.45(d)(1)-(6) Drug Regimen is Free From Unnecessary Drugs
F-758 §483.45(c)(3)(e)(1)-(5) Free from Unnecessary Psychotropic Meds / PRN Use
F-759 §483.45(f)(1) Free From Medication Error Rates of 5% or More
F-760 §483.45(f)(2) Residents Are Free of Significant Medication Errors
F-761 §483.45(g)(h)(1)(2) Label / Store Drugs & Biologicals
F-770 §483.50(a)(1)(i) Laboratory Services
F-771 §483.50(a)(1)(ii) Blood Bank and Transfusion Services
F-772 §483.50(a)(1)(iv) Lab Services Not Provided On-Site
F-773 §483.50(a)(2)(i)(ii) Lab Services Physician Order / Notify of Results
F-774 §483.50(a)(2)(iii) Assist with Transport Arrangements to Lab Services
F-775 §483.50(a)(2)(iv) Lab Reports in Record-Lab Name / Address
F-776 §483.50(b)(1)(i)(ii) Radiology / Other Diagnostic Services
F-777 §483.50(b)(2)(i)(ii) Radiology / Diagnostic Services Ordered / Notify Results
F-778 §483.50(b)(2)(iii) Assist with Transport Arrangements to Radiology
F-779 §483.50(b)(2)(iv) X-Ray / Diagnostic Report in Record-Sign / Dated
F-790 §483.55(a)(1)-(5) Routine / Emergency Dental Services in SNFs
F-791 §483.55(b)(1)-(5) Routine / Emergency Dental Services in NFs
F-800 §483.60 Provided Diet Meets Needs of Each Resident
F-801 §483.60(a)(1)(2) Qualified Dietary Staff
F-802 §483.60(a)(3)(b) Sufficient Dietary Support Personnel
F-803 §483.60(c)(1)-(7) Menus Meet Resident Needs / Prep in Advance / Followed
F-804 §483.60(d)(1)(2) Nutritive Value / Appear, Palatable / Prefer Temp
F-805 §483.60(d)(3) Food in Form to Meet Individual Needs
F-806 §483.60(d)(4)(5) Resident Allergies, Preferences and Substitutes
F-807 §483.60(d)(6) Drinks Available to Meet Needs / Preferences / Hydration
F-808 §483.60(e)(1)(2) Therapeutic Diet Prescribed by Physician
F-809 §483.60(f)(1)-(3) Frequency of Meals / Snacks at Bedtime
F-810 §483.60(g) Assistive Devices - Eating Equipment / Utensils
F-811 §483.60(h)(1)-(3) Feeding Assistant - Training / Supervision / Resident
F-812 §483.60(i)(1)(2) Food Procurement, Store / Prepare / Serve - Sanitary
F-813 §483.60(i)(3) Personal Food Policy
F-814 §483.60(i)(4) Dispose Garbage and Refuse Properly
F-825 §483.65(a)(1)(2) Provide / Obtain Specialized Rehab Services
F-826 §483.65(b) Rehab Services - Physician Order / Qualified Person
F-835 §483.70 Administration
F-836 §483.70(a)-(c) License / Comply with Federal and State / Local Law / Professional Standards
F-837 §483.70(d)(1)-(3) Governing Body
F-838 §483.70(e)(1)-(3) Facility Assessment
F-839 §483.70(f)(1)(2) Staff Qualifications
F-840 §483.70(g)(1)(2) Use of Outside Resources
F-841 §483.70(h)(1)(2) Responsibilities of Medical Director
F-842 §483.20(f)(5); §483.70(i)(1)-(5) Resident Records - Identifiable Information
F-843 §483.70(j)(1)(2) Transfer Agreement
F-844 §483.70(k)(1)-(3) Disclosure of Ownership Requirements
F-845 §483.70(l)(1)-(3) Facility Closure - Administrator
F-846 §483.70(m) Facility Closure
F-849 §483.70(o)(1)-(4) Hospice Services
F-850 §483.70(p)(1)(2) Qualifications of Social Worker >120 Beds
F-851 §483.70(q)(1)-(5) Payroll Based Journal
F-865 §483.75(a)(b)(f)(h)(i) QAPI Program / Plan, Disclosure / Good Faith Attempt
F-866 §483.75(c)(1)-(4) QAPI / QAA Data Collection and Monitoring
F-867 §483.75(d)(1)(2)(e)(1)-(3)(g)(2) QAPI / QAA Improvement Activities
F-868 §483.75(g)(1)(i)-(iv)(2)(i) QAA Committee
F-880 §483.80(a)(1)(2)(4)(e)(f) Infection Prevention and Control
F-881 §483.80(a)(3) Antibiotic Stewardship Program
F-882 §483.80(b)(1)-(4)(c) Infection Preventionist Qualifications / Role
F-883 §483.80(d)(1)(2) Influenza and Pneumococcal Immunizations
F-895 §483.85(a)-(e) Compliance and Ethics Program

§483.90(c)(2)(2) Emergency Power

F-907 §483.90(d)(1) Space and Equipment
F-908 §483.90(d)(2) Essential Equipment, Safe Operating Condition
F-909 §483.90(d)(3) Resident Bed
F-910 §483.90(e) Resident Rooms
F-911 §483.90(e)(1)(i) Bedroom Number of Residents

§483.90(e)(1)(ii) Bedroom Measure at Least 80 Square Ft Per Resident

F-913 §483.90(e)(1)(iii) Bedrooms Have Direct Access to Exit Corridor

§483.90(e)(1)(iv)(v) Bedrooms Assure Full Visual Privacy

F-915 §483.90(a)(7)(e)(1)(vi) Resident Room Window
F-916 §483.90(e)(1)(vii) Resident Room Floor Above Grade
F-917 §483.10(i)(4); §483.90(e)(2)(3) Resident Room - Bed / Furniture / Closet
F-918 §483.90(f) Bedrooms Equipped / Near Lavatory / Toilet
F-919 §483.90(g)(1)(2) Resident Call System
F-920 §483.90(h)(1)-(4) Requirements for Dining and Activity Rooms
F-921 §483.90(i) Safe / Functional / Sanitary / Comfortable Environment
F-922 §483.90(i)(1) Procedures to Ensure Water Availability
F-923 §483.90(i)(2) Ventilation
F-924 §483.90(i)(3) Corridors Have Firmly Secured Handrails
F-925 §483.90(i)(4) Maintains Effective Pest Control Program
F-926 §483.90(i)(5) Smoking Policies
F-940 §483.95 Training Requirements - General

§483.95(a) Communication Training

F-942 §483.95(b) Resident's Rights Training
F-943 §483.95(c)(1)-(3) Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Training
F-944 §483.95(d) QAPI Training
F-945 §483.95(e) Infection Control Training
F-946 §483.95(f)(1)(2) Compliance and Ethics Training
F-947 §483.95(g)(1)-(4) Required In-Service Training for Nurse Aides
F-948 §483.95(h) Training for Feeding Assistants
F-949 §483.95(i) Behavioral Health Training

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