K Tags

Life Safety Code Survey
Non-compliance with Life Safety Code requirements result in deficiencies, cited as K-Tags.  The numbering system for the K-Tags was reorganized with the adoption of the 2012 edition of the Life Safety Code.  When looking for a particular K-Tag, note that the first number generally refers to the section in which the K-Tag can be found.  Sections 1-7 house K-Tags related to non-compliance with NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code).  Section 9 includes K-Tags related to non-compliance with NFPA 99 (Health Care Facilities Code).

*K-Tag Regulatory Grouping Chart

Life Safety Code Survey Chart

Section 1: General Requirements

Requirements related to occupancy classification and other general determinations

Section 2: Means of Egress Requirements

Requirements related to construction and illumination of corridors and exits

Section 3: Protection

Requirements related to fire alarm and sprinkler systems, smoke compartments, and hazardous areas

Section 4: Special Provisions

Requirements related to high-rise buildings

Section 5: Building Services

Requirements related to utilities, HVAC systems, and elevators

Section 7: Operating Features

Requirements related to fire drills, smoking, and combustibles

Section 9: Health Care Facilities Code Requirements

Requirements related to oxygen storage and facility gas and electrical systems

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