Long Term Care Survey Process

The Long Term Care Survey Process (LTCSP) combines the best features of the traditional and QIS survey processes. The new survey process coincided with Phase 2 implementation of the Reform of Requirements for Long Term Care Facilities, featuring a new numbering system. This section houses the procedures and forms utilized in the new process.

1. LTC Survey Process Procedures Procedural and operational protocols for the new survey process
2. Facility Entrance

Worksheets required upon a survey team's entrance

3. Initial Pool Process Worksheets to be utilized during the initial pool process
4. Mandatory Facility Level Tasks Worksheets required for all surveys
5. Investigation Worksheets to be utilized when investigating care areas
6. Triggered Tasks Worksheets to be completed if the survey team has concerns
7. Closed Record Reviews Worksheets to be utilized for the review of closed records
8. Surveyor Worksheets Offsite preparation, deficiency citation, and software surveyor instructions

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